Everyone Eats Brandon Steps Up to The Plate for Christmas Dinner

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Since it’s inception in June of 2020, Everyone Eats, a collaboration between the John Howard Society, Brandon University and the Food Matters Manitoba, has served over 6,000 meals to residents (over 1,100 were paid for by others in the community) of western Manitoba.

“Everyone Eats is a pay what you can meal program,” says Ross Robinson,
Executive Director of the John Howard Society. “We kicked the program off as a
result of Covid-19 to make sure that those that needed it were getting a healthy,
nutritious meal, delivered to their home if necessary.”

It costs Everyone Eats Brandon approximately $8 to produce a meal but if someone
needs a free meal to get by, it’s no problem. If another customer chooses to pay a
little extra for their meal, they are helping to purchase a meal for their neighbour.

Everyone Eats Brandon delivers meals every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but
the group has recently embarked the monumental task of using their program to fill
the void caused by the cancellation of the Westman & Area Traditional Christmas
Dinner, held annually at the Victoria Inn.

“When we learned that there wasn’t going to be a Westman Traditional Christmas Dinner, we knew that we had to do something. It’s a valued event in our community and it makes a huge impact. Since we already have the infrastructure in place to deliver meals, it was a natural fit,” says Robinson.

On a single day over Thanksgiving weekend, Everyone Eats served 300 meals, only a fraction of the amount that they expect to deliver on December 25.

In past years the Westman Traditional Christmas Dinner would serve over 3150
meals and Everyone Eats intends to be able to have the same capacity, that will be
either picked up or delivered.

To achieve their goal, they’re going to need help with financial support, volunteers
and everything in between.

“We believe that Everyone Eats Brandon is more than just a hot meal. It’s a way for
people to give and receive anonymously in our community, while sending a
message to others that no matter what they are going through, there are people that
care and want the best for the residents of this area.” offered Robinson.

If you’d like more information about Everyone Eats Brandon head to
everyoneeatsbrandon.ca and if you’re able to volunteer or contribute please email