EVO Golf Launches in Downtown Brandon

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It’s fantastic to hear about Austin Dobrescu’s new venture, EVO Golf, in Downtown Brandon. The facility is a modern and well-constructed space that caters to both hardcore golfers and casual fans. The convenience of parking at 545 Pacific Ave. adds to the appeal of the location.

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Austin feels during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many activities were limited, reflects an understanding of the increased popularity of golf during such times. The inclusion of various putting games and contests for different skill levels is a thoughtful touch, making the facility accessible to a wide range of golf enthusiasts.

The plan to obtain a full liquor license and introduce food services in the coming months indicates a commitment to creating a complete and enjoyable experience for visitors. The incorporation of fitness areas and an interactive putting green further enhances the overall offering.

It’s exciting to hear about leagues already starting and the positive reception of Austin’s concept. The state-of-the-art shooting bays and the intention to create a social atmosphere, especially in the evenings, make EVO Golf not just a place for honing golf skills but also a community hub.

Interactive Putting Green

The future plans for private parties and events showcase a forward-thinking approach to making EVO Golf a versatile destination. Congratulations to Austin Dobrescu on the successful launch of EVO Golf, and best wishes for its continued success in providing a great golfing and social experience for the people of Brandon and Western Manitoba.

Of note, Brandon Downtown Development Corporation did help EVO Golf in assisting with the development of his space.

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