Food Truck Warz featuring food vendors representing tastes from across the globe

Big Dirty’, a golden bun topped with pulled pork, beef brisket, 2 sauces and tangy slaw! (Blue Haze BBQ_

Brandon’s Food Truck Warz started small with 16 food trucks setting up shop in the parking lot of the Victoria Inn for two days in September of 2017. The event has grown over the years, now featuring 26 food trucks, a beer garden, and Select Shows Midway. A major part of the growth and success of Food Truck Warz can be attributed to the amazing food vendors the event attracts each year. “Food truck Warz is especially exciting for foodies mainly because there are so many different options and food vendors to select from” said Darryl Wolski, one of the event’s organizers. “With various food options, you’re bound to find your favourite treat” added Wolski.

Taking place at the Keystone Centre (September 16-19), this year the fest will feature 26 food vendors representing tastes from across the globe. There will be options for all types of eaters, including veggie, vegan, and gluten-free. Click on the Facebook event link provided here and to learn more about this year’s event.

Chips on a stick. Wiggle Chips
Tostada (Tamale Time)
Chicken Skewers (Simbas Safari Grill)
Pork chorizo tacos (Miriachi Food Truck)
Just Loaded Roast Beef Sandwich
Pulled pork Perogies (Smoked & Sauced Mobile BBQ)
Southern pulled pork, sweet baked beans, corn medley,and slaw. (BBK’s BBQ)
Freaky fries special with egg on top (Mexican King)

KYU Grill