Fusion Receives Top Manitoba Employer Recognition for 2022


Fusion Credit Union has been named a Top Manitoba Employer for the third consecutive
year. The annual competition recognizes Manitoba employers that lead their industries in offering an exceptional employee experience and work environment.

“Since our amalgamation, we have developed a brand that matters, and it’s our extraordinary people behind the brand that makes Fusion such an incredible place to work,” comments Darwin Johns, CEO of Fusion Credit Union.

As full-service financial institution with 189 employees, Fusion serves more than 32,000 members through 18 branches across communities in Parkland and southwestern Manitoba. Administering assets of more than 1.34 billion, Fusion has the capacity, the shared commitment, and the opportunity to support growth and prosperity, locally and beyond.

“I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished this past year, especially given the uncertain times we were facing,” remarks Johns. “Despite all of the challenges of a pandemic, we were able to experience growth in many areas of our organization.”

Providing the ideal employee experience is a model Fusion strives to achieve as an organization. From personalized coaching sessions to professional development to career planning, Fusion provides the tools employees need to develop their skills and further their career.

“We gathered feedback from our employees and learned what they need to succeed in their current roles, as well as how we can support them to achieve their future career aspirations,” states Johns. “A sense of fulfillment within their work life is critical to an employee’s success on both a professional and personal level.”

Providing meaningful work in an employee’s daily job is important, and that concept extends to volunteerism opportunities as well. At Fusion, staff are encouraged to volunteer at local events and within local organizations. “We want to help nourish these important roles our employees play in their communities, as it leads to both employee growth and community growth, which is something we all benefit from.”

During the pandemic many companies had to adjust their employee experience model and Fusion was no exception. Implementing work-from-home strategies and offering additional ‘Covid Days’ off for onsite employees were two ways Fusion supported their team. “We offered the flexibility, the tools, and the resources our employees needed to navigate through the pandemic,” says Leanne DeVliegere, Chief Operations Officer at Fusion. “Even though this model was created out of necessity, we’ve built a robust framework that will last beyond the pandemic.”

Fusion is now formalizing their work-from-home policy by providing clear expectations for employees who want to continue working remotely. When designing the model, all aspects of an individual’s life were taken into consideration, not just their role at work. “If working remotely fits into the job role and meets the expectations of our members, we want to provide that choice,” comments DeVliegere. “Offering flexibility and work-home balance leads to happier, healthier employees.”

For information about career opportunities with Fusion Credit Union, visit fusioncu.com.