Grocery shopping and my first hockey game.


Random and peculiar things I noticed, on a Tuesday night after the grocery store, and a Friday night hockey game. 

1). I thoroughly enjoy setting down the huge package of 18 rolls of toilet paper, at the dining room end of my 20 ft hallway, and kicking it to the other end like I'm going in for a field goal. 

2). I also enjoy throwing any dirty tea towels/clothes down the same long hallway, like I'm pitching for the Blue Jays. That's the only sports team name I can use, because it's the only one that I actually know what sport they play.  On a side note, this past Friday night I went to my first hockey game. Ever. I think I'm the only person in the northern hemisphere whose never been to one.  The Wheat Kings game was action packed and ridiculously exciting!  I learned that "SOG" is not the score…..which was helpful in my confusion at wondering how I missed 28 goals….especially considering I was in the front row behind the glass. The energy in that crowd was unbelievable!   The other amusing highlight was how the whole crowd chants these sayings, all the humans… perfect unison, and then they all stop at the same time. 

"They've done this before"……I thought to myself. All 5000 of them. 

The outburst of excitement that came from the crowd after each goal, was akin to the sound a 20ft pile of wood makes when somebody pours a few dozen litres of gas on it and then tosses a match. WOOOOF!

Explosive!  Yellow flags flapping everywhere!  Horns, cheering, clapping, pounding music, "the gold rush" they call it. And I can see why. What an incredibly amazing bunch of athletes.  I'm sold. So back to grocery shopping. 

3). I ate 4 peanut butter square marshmallow things from the bakery for supper. Because I ran out of Toffifee yesterday. Morning.  

4).  Whenever I get into an empty grocery store isle, I ride the cart. I push it fast, and then lift my feet up and ride it until something I want catches my eye, (or there's suddenly a witness, unless it's a little kid – they don't care that I'm doing it so I never stop if one's watching) and I put my feet down and slide like I'm a rock on a shuffle board. 

5).  I noticed that as I loaded each bag into the trunk of the car, I was counting out loud. This didn't become apparent to me until I was up to about 6. Which makes me think of a few things. First of all, why am I counting. And second, why am I doing it out loud. And ok 3rd, I realized this is not the first time I've done this. Somehow I was unaware of it until now though.

Yours truly, Caley