Have a rockin’ good time this weekend…


Looking for something to do with your school aged kids this weekend, for free? Why not stop in to the Brandon Rock & Mineral Show & Sale. It’s taking place at the Victoria Inn, Imperial Ballroom at the corner of 34th Street and Victoria (which is open to traffic now). 

If you’ve ever had fun picking beach pebbles or spotted a geode out while hiking this is definitely the place for you. There are rows and trays and tables of all kinds of different rocks labelled and for sale. It’s a science fair research dream come true. 

There are the salt lamps, an often hard to find item. In fact, they have a whole table of them along the back wall.  They sell for $20 each this weekend.

Admission is free. The doors open each day at 10 AM. Friday closing at 9 PM Saturday 7 PM and Sunday hours just 11AM to 5PM. 

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