Hayes enters coffee roasting business

Former Brandon Wheat King Goaltender Andrew Hayes has taken off the pads and moved into the world of selling coffee.

The Sherwood Park former goalie had a brief stint in the ECHL – AHL and at University of Regina Cougars but stopped playing due to concussions.  “I just wasn’t able to do school or play hockey anymore and had to go home for treatments…I am trying to get back to a daily routine”.

This led to starting his own business Roasti, a high end coffee blend.  “We are bringing in the beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Mexico”.  So why run with this idea Andrew?   “Just for me, I wanted to find something that wasn’t say 9 – 5 because of my concussions…I could be in bed with serious migraines for hours, I needed something super flexible”.

Would you say your product is on the higher end?  “ We are a real top end product and selling to cafes that want the best product possible”. “ We are fresh as you can get it…we roast it every two days”.

Can you buy this in Brandon or can someone order it from you?  “Nobody in Brandon is selling it at the moment but you can order online”.

Do you still follow the Wheat King and or stay in touch the coaches.  “Oh yeah for sure I have talked to Kelly many times and I still love to follow the team”.

To order coffee or contact Andrew Hayes or visit their web site.