Heart and Stroke CPR/AED Orientation Session

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This free one hour session will offer participants direction from a certified Heart and Stroke instructor on emergency skills in an event of a witnessing cardiac arrest.

Utilizing Heart and Stroke's Friends and Family CPR kits participants will learn the signs of a cardiac arrest, how to preform chest compressions, and how to use an AED. Each participants is able to take their CPR kit home with them after the session to pass on to family and friends.

Did you know that over 85% of cardiac arrest occur outside of a medical facility? They happen in our workplaces, at sporting events, and our homes. Quick response in an important factor in survival rates. Learn what to do at this one hour session on March 22, 2017 at the Healthy Living Centre at the Brandon University. ( 6:30pm -7:30 pm)

Space is limited. Register today by contacting Lisa Bagan at Heart and Stroke 431-800-5034 or lisa.bagan@heartandstroke.ca

Together we can create a Heart Safe community.