How to Get Hired

Rubber stamp with text you are hired inside, vector illustration

Over the years I have been very fortunate to work at several great organizations, however, it wasn’t just by accident that I came upon these positions. I invested the time that was required to help land the jobs that I was applying for.

In my current position, I receive résumés regularly and often help with the hiring process for different positions at Vionell Holdings Partnership, as well as at Rotary Villas.

If you’re looking for a new job, I’ve put together a few tips to help make your résumé stand out from the pack, to secure an interview, and get the job that you are hoping for.

  1. Customize Your Cover Letter – do some research about the organization and the position so that you can tailor your cover letter. This can help to show why you would be a good fit for the position and what you can bring to that specific organization. It’s also important to highlight your experience and interests concerning the job posting. For example, if you are applying for a marketing position, be sure to indicate the related courses you took at college/university to show how you can use the knowledge gained to do a great job in the position.
  2. Follow Up with an Email or Phone Call – before the position closes, send an email to the hiring department to ensure they received your résumé. On occasion, a résumé that is emailed can end up in the spam folder (especially if there is no body text within the email). Be sure to mention that you are hoping to hear back about an interview.
  3. Don’t Apply for Multiple Positions at the Same Company – It’s important to be realistic on what you qualify for and not just apply for all positions possible. It doesn’t look favourable for you to apply for a professional, managerial/director position and also submit your application for a casual dishwashing position. Most job postings outline the qualifications required for each position, review them carefully. It is quite unlikely that if you have the required experience to run a division of a company, you aren’t going to be satisfied if you secure a position as a dishwasher.
  4. Do your homework – if you have been selected for a telephone interview or an in-person interview find out what you can about the company. Visit the website and social media platforms, ask people who are familiar with the organization about the culture and background. This will help you to answer interview questions relating to what you know about the company, and why you want to be part of the team.
  5. Dress for the position – if you are a painter, it is okay to dress in casual clothes, but you still need to look presentable and be properly groomed. If you are applying for a reception position, you should likely choose business-casual attire; if you are applying for a top-level position, a suit is the best option (a tie is optional for men).
  6. Show up on time – if you show up late for an interview, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage for the next steps in the selection process.
  7. Ask Questions – at the end of the interview, come prepared with a few questions to ask. This shows that you are interested in the position and working for the organization and that you put extra effort into preparing for the interview.

Vionell Holdings Partnership (VHP) provides rental housing and property management for an array of residential and commercial customers, including Condominium Management. VHP currently has over 4,000 units under management in Manitoba.  For more information please visit