Justice Boxing, a new take on boxing

Brent McLean, and his trainers, wanted to offer to Law Enforcement and First Responders a form of training that would be both physically and mentally effective when Covid hit in 2019.  Introducing Justice Boxing. The success of the workouts proved to be extremely popular so they slowly started to add family members to the core of people attending their groups.

Now Justice Boxing has expanded to welcome anyone from the public regardless of their level of fitness. “This is a fitness and boxing oriented program for just about anyone” said McLean.

Justice Boxing runs classes 7 days a week and also features female only groups and private sessions.

McLean states “we want to teach the fundamentals of boxing such as how to use the heavy bag and skip rope…this will be a different form of exercise that will be fun and engaging”.

Costs are very reasonable:
2 classes per week will cost you $44.99 per month
Unlimited package is $64.99 and you can take as many classes as you like per month
Youth memberships which consist of 5 classes per month are $34.99 per month

McLean wanted to stress that you go at your own level and pace and can work up from any starting point.

More info/contact:

Brent McLean
204 841 4516