Keith Urban Brings Down The House


Dauphin Countryfest Media Release

Country superstar Keith Urban definitely delivered to the jam-packed amphitheatre on Friday night. He played hit after hit, seamlessly transitioning from banjo, to electric guitar, to acoustic. Part way through his 90-minute set, he journeyed up to a platform stationed right in the middle of the crowd, where he performed the song Shirt, and shook hands with adorning fans who were absolutely floored to have the chance to see him up close and personal.

“Dauphin Manitoba is delivering tonight!” Urban told the audience. “I knew I could count on you guys!” He then pulled one young woman up on the platform to join him, and handed off his guitar to her before disappearing back into the crowd and returning to the stage.

Before Urban’s set, fans got to take in performances by Tim Hicks, one of Canada’s most dynamic country artists on the scene today, and Meghan Patrick, whose switch to a solo career earned her a deal with Warner Music.