Keystone Centre Introduces New Logo


The Keystone Centre has unveiled a brand new logo as part of its 50th anniversary celebration.

The new logo, designed in partnership with Leech Group, features a K dressed in the outline of a star. The departure from the previous Keystone Centre logo has taken immediate effect.

“Our new logo, in the shape of a star, captures the spirit of direction and destination, instilling the logo with a sense of purpose,” says Keystone Centre acting general manager Connie Lawrence. “As our customers embark on their journeys towards success, our logo stands as a symbol of guidance, pointing them towards their desired destinations.”

“Incorporating this star-shaped logo into our brand identity symbolizes our commitment to excellence in customer service,” adds Lawrence. “It serves as a visual representation of our dedication, reminding us, and our customers, that their aspirations are our top priority. With this logo, we showcase our values, and demonstrate our dedication to being the guiding light for our customers, illuminating their path to success.”
In addition to the new logo, the Keystone Centre will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special community event on June 15th, featuring live music, and more to be announced.

“We want to welcome Westman to our 50th anniversary celebration, where we commemorate half a century of community unity and growth,” says Jared McKenzie, Keystone Centre director of marketing. “This event, featuring live music, will be completely free to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all. We’re eager to announce the bands, and a bunch of other exciting features of this 50th anniversary celebration, but most of all, we look forward to the next 50 years of bringing our community together.”

Replacement of existing signage is set to take place in stages over the coming months.