Kids Say the Darndest Things.



Here's a little tale of a sweet 6 year old. It seems grade 1 was getting on his nerves, so he thought he'd try out something different like not listening, for example. So I had an unexpected phone call from his teacher in the evening after the sweet angel was tucked into bed, for a friendly chat about "why the young boy had to STAY INSIDE for 1st recess that morning"……..Funny, he hadn't mentioned a word about ANY OF it to me…..AND he'd been extra good that very night…..

I wake him up the next morning and tell him to go straight to the table, sit down, And wait for me. In my most intense quiet psycho Mom voice. Full eye contact no blinking. Extremely unsettling.

I walk out to the table and stand across from him, and continue with my intense scary psycho Mom stare. Expressionless. The stuff nightmares are made of. He is also no longer blinking at this point. Mouth open ever so slightly.

Me: (in a whisper quiet monotone voice)
"I talked with your teacher last night."
(Dramatically long silent pause)
"Anything you'd like to say about what happened at school yesterday? What do you have to say about this?"
Grade 1 kid: (spoken slowly and pitch rising at the end): I'm sorry….for….saying the eff word….?"

Serenity. NOW.

Recently the youngest of the 2 was asking what I'd wish for if I could only have 1 wish. I said I really wasn't sure, but wondered what he'd wish for. He said he hoped I wouldn't die soon because I'm 40 and that's really old.

Yours truly, Caley