Last minute donations possible


It’s not too late to make a positive impact on your taxes with a charitable donation. 

Canadians have until December 31st each year to make donations and receive a tax receipt for that current tax year. 

Many charities give you the option to donate online, from the comfort of your home and websites like processes donations for local charities such as Samaritan House and the YMCA of Brandon.

If you don’t already have a favourite charity, a list of registered charities in Canada can be found at the government website. The list is also searchable by keyword. For example, if you search ‘Brandon’ everything from the Brandon General Museum and Archives to the Brandon Literacy Council and more, will come up. 

In Manitoba, donations fall under two different taxable scales. Gifts under $200 and gifts over $200.  For example, a donation of $100 would be eligible for a $25.80 tax deduction, whereas $1000 would be a $422.80 deduction. So, whenever possible, it’s most beneficial to donated at least $200 annually to receive the higher percentage benefit. 

It’s a win-win situation for both the donor and the charity. While the charity receives the full benefit of your donation, you also receive a benefit of reduction in taxes. A donation of $1000 benefits the charity by $1000, but will only cost the donor $577.20, once tax benefits are considered. 

Small, specialized charities are also a great way to make a difference in a cause you believe in, just double check that they are registered and offer tax receipts. 

Local animal advocates, Pawsitive Communities, are indeed a registered charity and would love to be your charity of choice if you are making a last minute donation. 2020 was especially hard for organizations such as these, which rely on community events to generate awareness and critical funds. They had to cancel all in-person fundraisers this year, including a planned casino night. Unlike some of the larger charities, they do accept donations by e-transfer. To learn more about their work visit their website at or connect with them through Instagram. 

Samaritan House is open and will gratefully accept cash or cheques at 820 Pacific Avenue, from 8:30am to 4:30pm both December 30 and 31st. If you would like to contribute to their capital expansion project, please note it specifically on the cheque. ‘Raising the Roof’ hopes to raise half a million dollars to expand the Safe and Warm Shelter and address homelessness in our community.