Lepp Sisters Changing the Face of Farming


If you were to pull into any farmyard in Westman and take a peek in the front closet, you’d likely see some plaid, a few pairs of coveralls, and a dusty old ballcap, all part of the uniform for the stereotypical farmer.

At first glance, the Lepp sisters Cassandra and Stefanie may not fit the style found in most farmers’ closets, but they can pull a wrench, stack a bale and drive a tractor better than most. The sisters who help run Rivers Air Spray, a family businesses just north of Brandon, have developed a social media / online following showcasing their love for fashion and farming.

“We have always enjoyed expressing ourselves through our style, and at the same time, we are equally as comfortable in our workwear. We think that is an important message to send out to young girls and all women,” Cassandra told BDNMB. “Stefanie went to modeling school and has always loved photography. We were and are constantly told we do not look like farmers. We started our page to empower anyone to chase their passion.”

The sisters have over 19,8000 followers on Instagram (@thetulepps), and although the online presence plays a significant role in their life, they know where the real priorities are. Cassandra and Stefanie are the ground crew for their father as he flies his Dromader and 802F Air Tractor all over Westman while helping their two brothers market a commercial sweep that is sold worldwide.


Their unique collection of photos showcases the two sisters changing the oil in the tractor, helping at harvest time, unloading grain, and playing with the family dogs, all while displaying an impressive eye for fashion, makeup, style, and art. It may be an unconventional look behind the curtain into the world of farming, but the Lepp’s know they are making an impact.

“We think it is important, especially for young girls, to see women comfortably glammed up or with no makeup fixing a tractor.  What we put out is very much who we are, and we are humbled by the support we have received. We have been told we have inspired other women to get in the tractors or do something they are uncomfortable with, and that is really rewarding for us.”


While they may not define themselves as trailblazers, the Lepp sisters know that the dynamic of the family farm has changed drastically in the last 40 years. Long gone are the days where papa went to work in the field, while mama stayed home and cooked up the meal. Women are more involved in the day to day operations of the farm than ever before, something the Lepp’s are proud to help showcase.

“We share positivity, individuality, empowerment, mental health awareness, and facts about agriculture, “added Cassandra. “We want our page to be a positive one. We want to share our lifestyle with the general public to show the world what the ag community provides to society and not what the media often shows.  Farmers are some of the smartest, multitalented, hard-working, and kind people we have ever met.”