Lesson Learned


When do you think I took these pictures? If you said "not today Caley" you'd be correct.

I'll tell you what did happen today. Ok yesterday or the day before. I finally got stuck.  In the snow. In my car. And it was -50 with the  windchill. Where? At the cemetery. Unbelievable. You'd be surprised how well you can dig with an ice scraper. I don't know what was worse actually. The people watching me from the street (who go straight to work like normal humans thereby avoiding getting stuck in the cemetery) or my frozen hands. It hurt. So. BAD.

Who drives through the cemetery on a Wednesday morning, in semi-blizzard conditions when there's a severe cold warning issued? Me. The girl who wanted to see the big orange sun, glowing through the ice fog and evergreens. Which happen to be conveniently located in the cemetery. Great big beautiful evergreens. On the way to work. I will no longer secretly mock other drivers, shake my head in smug "bad driver disapproval", or drive through a cemetery in winter on the coldest day of the year on my way to work. Until I have a 4×4.

Here's a few summer pictures to enjoy, and a few winter ones to bring back a touch of reality. Even though it's cold, the sights to see are just as beautiful as the summer. Ok not quite.