Local Author Hopes to Encourage Families to Become Physically Active with New Children’s Picture Book

A Brandon, Manitoba author is excited to announce the release of My Active Imagination, a children’s picture book that aims to bring the values of an active lifestyle to family story time. 


As a mother, operator of a popular online fitness group and former fitness instructor, Brandon’s Karlyn Rubeniuk saw an opportunity to further put her passions and experience to work.  Knowing the struggles parents face in getting their children to step away from “screentime” to go outside and play, turning a poem that she wrote primarily for her son into an engaging picture book seemed the natural way to support the kinds of conversations she feels parents and children can be having in the name of laying the foundation for an active life. 


“I hope My Active Imagination will not only introduce young children to the concept of exercise but also  speak to the parent about all the reasons they should be making time to be physically active too., “ says Rubeniuk. 


The book comes with a very relevant endorsement from someone that knows much about the topic of an active lifestyle in California-based Fitness Entrepreneur, Jillian Michaels.  Karlyn took the opportunity to share the book with Michaels on recent visit to Los Angeles and was thrilled when Michaels offered that the story “is the perfect tool for parents and teachers who want to introduce the concept of fitness to young children in an entertaining and whimsical way”. 


“I was very honoured to be able to give Ms. Michaels a pre-print copy of this book since I was inspired by her to ‘step outside my comfort zone’ and self-publish it. An endorsement from someone whom I admire and who inspires millions of people around the world to get fit and live their best lives makes the project even more special to me,” said Rubeniuk. 


The story has been released in support of KidSport, an organization which shares the same values of striving to create opportunity for youth to be active.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the books will be directed to the charity as part of its efforts to remove financial barriers that prevent kids from playing organized sports. 


My Active Imagination is now available for purchase via Amazon.com as well as at the Eye Opener Book Store at 314 10th Street in Brandon. As part of its introduction within the community, a book signing will take place on October 28th at the Eye Opener Book Store in Brandon from 10am to 1pm. 


The book is also available for any fundraising endeavours that promote physical activity such as those fundraising for playground equipment, organized sports fees/equipment, school gym equipment, sporting uniforms, etc. The first to come on board is Linden Lanes School in an effort help raise funds for their new playground project.