Local Dogs Elevate to the Next Level

Brett Fry, a local beer hockey goalie, has found another hobby.  He is taking his two dogs, Memphis a 3 year old Whippet and Sonic a 1.5 year old Border Collie, on tour so to speak.
Fry told BDNMB.CA that he has been training his dogs since they were only 10 weeks old.  They will attempt to participate in as many events as possible with The Canine Stars.
“We do as much events as we can a year, depends on  my work schedule as a full time mechanic, we perform with the Woof Jocks at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in March, Wild Dogs based out of Winnipeg and with of course the Canine stars!”
Brett also told BDNMB.CA that “I’m an  active club member at Crocus Obedience And Kennel Club , where we train in disc, agility and  Flyball. I love to train and perform with my dogs it’s something I never considered when growing up and has a special place in my heart.”