Luebke Running for Council


Bruce Luebke has filed his nomination papers at Brandon City Hall and will be seeking election as Councillor for Ward 6 run (South Centre) in the upcoming Brandon Municipal Election where he will run against Nick Brown.

The election will be held on Oct. 24.  For more information on the election please visit this link.

Bruce has lived in Brandon for the past 25 years, and has been actively involved in the community for most of that time.

He has organized or helped organize a number of events in Brandon over the years, and has been involved in a number of community groups/organizations, particularly those related to recreation opportunities for Brandon residents.

The 2018 municipal election is the first one in his post-media career, allowing Luebke the ability to commit fully to the opportunity.

If elected, Lubeke stated that the people of South Centre Ward will be getting:

–         A long-time Brandon resident who, like themselves, is a taxpayer and a concerned citizen.

–         Someone who will be diligent in balancing the amount of tax revenue the city collects with the concerns of ratepayers when it comes to the management of assets and infrastructure.

–         A strong advocate for recreational activities for all ages who will focus on maintaining the City’s current recreational facilities and green space while also exploring new opportunities.

–         Someone who understands the importance of providing basic services to the community.

–         A non-partisan person who would be able to work effectively with senior levels of government to tackle problems in our community.