Luxury/VIP Restroom Rentals


VIP Portable Restroom Rentals in Brandon, MB provide clean and sanitized restrooms at competitive rates for your outdoor events. From construction sites to weddings, and from festivals to golf courses, their restroom rentals offer all the amenities of home in an upscale portable option.

VIP is owned and operated by Trevor Kindrat, and Brian Griffith, and they tell that they decided to go into business in 2014 “after we found the need for better special event restrooms. Construction site style porta-potties were the only option available for weddings and events before we started VIP Portable Restrooms”. We take great pride in our units and service. When you book with VIP you talk to an owner who can help you decide what your event will require. When your Restroom gets delivered to you, it’s by an owner. We take pride in our ability to take care of all aspects of restroom rentals with top notch service.” added Trevor.

They offer a variety of rental options including 2-stall and 3-stall restroom trailers to a large 10-stall trailer. Washroom units are self-contained, modern, and clean. Hot and cold running water, flush toilets and heat or air conditioning are just the beginning. Units can be delivered and setup anywhere you may require, citing having provided services before from Swan River – Boisevain, and Saskatoon – Winnipeg.  VIP Portable Restroom Rentals have also provided units for movie sets including Dreamworks 'A Dog's Purpose' and Twentieth Century Fox's “'The Exorcism of Molly Hartley’.

VIP Portable Restroom Rentals
Phone- 204-724-3507