Major Changes


Two local couples have purchased Memories Chapel on 18th Street.

Scott & Michelle Major and as well Raquelle & Brian Baker all from Brandon have made a significant investment to take over Memories Chapel.

Business founder Brent Buchanan opened Memories in 1998 and roughly 25 years later have agreed to terms with the Major and Baker families.

We had a chance to talk to Scott and Michelle about their plans.

BDNMB – Tell us your background and why you are in this business.

“I have always been someone who has a very big, caring heart.  Being in the Funeral Service industry is a passion,  I am very passionate about the families we serve and their loved ones.”

Michelle Major said she started out working in a personal care home for 13 years prior to becoming a Funeral Director.  “I have always enjoyed caring for individuals, creating strong relationships with them and their families.”

BDNMB – How did you become interested or involved in the funeral business?

I decided after having two children that it was time to follow my dreams and enroll in the Funeral Director course.  During my apprenticeship I worked at a Funeral Home who helped guide me and made me realize how passionate I was about helping families, their loved ones and our community.  Owning a Funeral Home is something I have dreamt of doing and Scott and I could not have done it without our partners Brian and Raquelle Baker.

BDNMB – Any changes on the horizon or staffing changes?

As the new owners of Memories Chapel Funeral Home we plan to keep the excellent service that Memories Chapel is known for. Our vision at Memories Chapel is to help create a positive experience for every family that comes through our doors, we want to ensure that everyone is treated with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve.

Our team at Memories Chapel holds ourselves to the highest standard, integrity, compassion and professionalism. Most of the existing team at Memories Chapel will remain with the change in ownership.

We plan to continue to provide the best possible services to the families that we serve. We will continue to remain on top of education, and create a personalized send off for the families loved ones. We recognize that the old ownership created a strong compassionate company for the community of Brandon over the past 24 years. Our goal is to carry on with the company that they built, and to evolve as the times are changing while keeping compassion and care is our number one priority.