Major Disturbance at Hockey Game in Winnipeg

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**Update**  Winnipeg Police are reporting that a replica handgun (BB/Pellet) was seen during a fight on Sunday evening.

A scary incident in Winnipeg after a gun was pulled at a hockey game following a fight in the stands. The fight happened before the Recreational Championship game at the Dakota Arena on Sunday evening as part of the Southeast Winter Tribal Days celebration .

Jamie Mousseau, a player with a team from Skownan, was getting ready to play in the finals, when the ruckus broke out . He has allowed to republish his Facebook post concerning the incident.

Miigwetch to the warriors men and women that stepped up and did what needed to be done. Stopping someone who was pulling out a gun after a fight that happened

I came from the dressing room and everyone panicking saying someone had a gun upstairs at the Dakota arena. Where all the family/kids and elders sit. I stayed in the dressing room area and locked the main doors to dressing rooms watching out, I had to direct an elder lady with a push stroller to our room and few kids, and locked the doors.

I seen mothers crying yelling for their kids, dads panicking running around for their kids.

I went up stairs and our warriors had the men pinned down till the cops showed up.

I'm thankful my kids weren't with us at the arena as we dropped them off earlier this afternoon

Please pray for the people and kids that went through this traumatic event”.