Manitoba Launches Gun Amnesty Month in Partnership with Police Services


Manitobans with unwanted firearms or ammunition are encouraged to participate in a provincewide gun amnesty this month to help ensure these weapons will not be used in a crime, Justice Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.

“The gun amnesty program will help keep Manitobans safer in their homes, and reduce the chances a weapon could be stolen and used in a crime,” said Stefanson.  “Our government is proud to partner with police agencies across the province to make this program accessible to everyone who may need it.”

Any Manitoban can safely and legally have firearms or ammunition removed from their home in June.  The first step is to call the local police service’s non-emergency number with some information about the items.  Officers will set up a time to pick up the guns or ammunition from the home and then safely dispose of them.  Manitobans should not drop off guns or ammunition at their local police station.

“We encourage everyone across the province who has firearms or ammunition they simply don’t need or want, to participate in the Gun Amnesty Program,” said Scott Kolody, assistant commissioner, RCMP, and president of the Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police.  “By turning in your unwanted firearm, you are removing a potential hazard and helping to make your home and your community safer.  This initiative is designed to enhance public safety and we are looking forward to working with all Manitobans to make it a success.”

The police will not lay charges against someone turning in a weapon unless it was used to commit a crime or was stolen.

Manitoba’s last gun amnesty program collected nearly 300 weapons and more than 74 boxes or bags of ammunition and the province is hopeful Manitobans will exceed those numbers during this year’s campaign, Stefanson said.

For more information about gun amnesty month in Manitoba, contact the local police service or visit