Manitoba recognizes three BPS officers with excellence in law enforcement

(Photo: Brandon Police Service)

Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

On Thursday evening at the Provincial Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards, three of our members were honored for their work and dedication to policing. All three have received specialized training in various policing areas, and have worked in a variety of sections within our service over the years. They each bring their own unique expertise and experience to our service.

Constable Myran Hamm began his service with Brandon Police Service in 2003, after transferring from the RCMP. Most people will easily recognized Cst. Hamm, as he is currently a driving force behind our social media and communications team. He has been a strong advocate for building and maintaining multiple community partnerships within Brandon in both his current position in Community Policing Unit, and as a former High School Resource Officer. He has an infectious sense of humor that allows him to truly connect with the community and capture the human side of policing.

Constable Michel Latreille has been an officer with Brandon Police Service since 2006. Cst. Latreille has a keen interest in combating impaired driving and has become one of our leading experts in this area. He has trained tirelessly to ensure that other members at BPS are kept current on the ever-changing Impaired Driving Laws and the recent changes with the legalization of Cannabis. Cst. Latreille is one of our current Traffic Re-constructionists, which entails having an eye for detail during very complicated and often traumatic scene investigations.

Constable Shawn Haggarty began his career with Brandon Police Service in 2010. Cst. Haggarty currently serves in our dog unit with his partner Storm. His tenacious appetite to ensure that no stone goes unturned has resulted in significant arrests, and seizures of illicit drugs, weapons and other property obtained by crime. Cst. Haggarty has generated significant crime suppression success by working extensively with other agencies throughout Manitoba. He has worked hard to ensure that his knowledge and experience have had maximum impact by training other BPS members