Manitoba to Challenge Ottawa’s Carbon Tax in Court


The Manitoba government will launch a legal challenge of the federal government’s decision to impose its carbon tax on Manitobans, Premier Brian Pallister confirmed today. 

“Last year, our government received legal advice the federal government has the constitutional power to impose a carbon tax, but only on provinces that do not implement plans of their own,” said the premier.  “The result was our Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, which is better for Manitoba’s economy, and better for our environment.”

The premier confirmed that immediately after unveiling its Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, and on multiple occasions after that, Manitoba sought the federal government’s assurance that it would not impose its tax on Manitobans.

“Ottawa acknowledged that our plan is the best in Canada, but they would not provide the assurance we sought,” said the premier.  “They stated they would impose their higher – and rising – carbon tax on Manitobans.  They have now done this, despite granting special treatment and exemptions to other provinces.

“This conduct by the federal government is unfair to Manitobans.  It threatens jobs and economic growth throughout Manitoba.  It makes it more expensive to feed our families and keep them warm during the winter.  It hurts northern Manitobans.  It hurts our agricultural industry and transportation sector,” he added.

“There is no justification for the federal government to have rejected Manitoba’s plan while approving less effective plans from other provinces.”

Source: Province of Manitoba Media Release