Manitoba veterinary clinics help feed hungry pets this holiday season


Until December 21st, veterinary clinics across Manitoba will be collecting and delivering pet food to those in need.

Participating clinics will support families, shelters, rescues and local food banks throughout the province with the donations. All participating clinics and the recipients of the donations are listed on the MVMA website at:

We are inviting Manitobans to help this cause by dropping off unopened tins or bags of cat and dog food at participating veterinary clinics. Cash donations are gratefully accepted as well. Help us light up this holiday season for those less fortunate by making your donation before December 21st .

This Season is FUR Everyone FAQ!

1) Why the program is needed? This time of year can be stressful, especially for families struggling with limited resources. Sometimes, something as simple as a gift for a child can push a family into financial distress, which may translate into less food for themselves and their pets. The burden can even force some people with restricted or fixed incomes to give up their much-loved pets to animal shelters at this time of year. We believe these pets deserve loving homes with their families and full food bowls.

2) What is the typical situation of a family in need with a pet? We don’t know that there is a ‘typical’ situation. In practice, we see families who are stressed financially, especially at this time of the year, for many reasons. Sometimes there is a temporary loss of income because of illness or disability, or the main income earner in the family is out of work. Sometimes it’s an elderly person on a fixed income. We often see people who choose to do without in order to care for their animals.

3) What should be said to cynics saying the poor shouldn’t have pets? Pets have value for all of us, and improve the quality of life for their owners, regardless of income. And, it’s good to remember that life can throw curveballs to us all. Veterinary professionals would much rather support a family going through a difficult time by helping them provide basic needs to their pets than see those animals set loose, relinquished to an animal shelter or euthanized. Some days the unconditional love and acceptance of a furry friend may be the best part of someone’s life, and the MVMA wants to nurture that relationship.

4) What happens if help isn’t offered to families with pets? We know that in times of long-term financial stress, pets are often relinquished for adoption or are abandoned or euthanized. The holidays are typically an expensive time of year. The MVMA and its members hope this program will help keep animals in loving homes while bridging families through financially difficult times.

5) How can the public help? Anyone can help by dropping off food to participating veterinary clinics throughout Manitoba and encouraging friends and family to support the program. We ask that the food be fresh and unopened and cash donations are gratefully accepted as well.

6) What are the drop off locations and what is the deadline for donations? Visit to see a listing of participating clinics with their addresses and hours of operation. The deadline for donations is December 21, 2017.