McCarty is a true fan!

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Matt McCarty without a doubt is a true Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

But, it’s not until you arrive inside his house and you’ll know his love is much deeper.

“I have thought about reducing my collection but that has yet to happen” McCarty told BDNMB.CA. He gets calls all the time from people that spot Maple Leaf odds and ends and he gets in his truck and brings it home.

His prize possession is the Darryl Sittler game sheet when he scored 10 points in a single game in1976.

McCarty will alter many of his personal plans and will always watch every Leaf game unless it is blacked out. Friends want to go to Houston’s and I will say “ummmmm the Leafs are on at 7 pm”.

BDNMB.CA asked Matt what is his Leafs highlight. “Well I saw three Stanley Cups except those were all in black and white lol”.