Meridian CrossFit announces Grand Opening Celebration on October 1


A little over 10 years ago a local entrepreneur who had discovered the training methodology of CrossFit opened a small gym in Brandon’s east end.  Over the years he developed a loyal membership base of dedicated CrossFitters.  When it came time to follow a new career path, a group of 11 members couldn’t bear the thought of the community that had been built and the style of training they had all grown to love might come to an end.  So earlier this year they formed a partnership, purchased the gym and Meridian CrossFit was born!  “We couldn’t fathom our gym no longer being there,” said Chris Cels, President of the Meridian ownership group.   “The great coaching and programming, the sense of community and sharing your fitness journey, no matter what it looks like for you, has become part of our lives and our routine.  We all have different fitness goals, and CrossFit gives us the chance to pursue them together.”

What is CrossFit?  It is a fitness program that is based on constantly varied, functional movements performed with intensity.  The programming works toward achieving overall fitness by incorporating cardio, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, and balance through varied and challenging workouts.   It has universally scalable programming that can be performed by athletes at all skill and fitness levels.  There are over 10,000 CrossFit affiliates in over 120 countries with more than 5 million participants.  Meridian is Westman’s only CrossFit affiliate.  Workout classes are 1 hour long and include different programming every day.  Classes are limited to 9 students to ensure attention for all students from the Certified coaching staff.  There is a Foundations class offered that teaches newcomers the basics of the lifts and provides a slow introduction to the workouts.  Anyone interested is welcome to try out a free class to get a feel for the gym.

Alex Cook, Trevor Cook, Todd Gudz, Darren Galatiuk, Susan Huston-Lefebvre, Darren Brick, Marlene Burton, Richard Edwards, Rob Lefebvre, Chris Cels and Trevor Halson.

Meridian also offers private personal training services, team training and kids and teen classes, as well as beginner yoga classes focused on mobility and recovery.  There is no long-term commitment required, and memberships can be in the form of unlimited access memberships or 10-use punch cards.  First month adult membership is always ½ price, and for the month of October, all new members will receive their first two months at half price.

This Saturday, October 1st, Meridian will be holding an open house from 12-4 to welcome the public to check out what the gym has to offer.  They will also be hosting a charity BBQ catered by Joe Beevers with pulled pork on a bun, chips and a drink with all proceeds going toward VOLT Hockey, an accessible form of hockey that is played in a specifically designed hockey sport chair by people with a variety of disabilities, particularly those with limited upper mobility.

Meridian CrossFit is located a Unit 3C – 389 Park Avenue East.  Find them on Facebook or Instagram (@meridiancrossfitmb), email,  call or text 204-573-6162.