Methamphetamine Seized

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During April and May of 2024, members from the Organized Crime Section of the Brandon Police Service entered into a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act investigation regarding the trafficking of Methamphetamine within the city of Brandon. On June 6th 2024, OCS members were conducting surveillance on the target of the investigation and followed him in his vehicle to Winnipeg. The suspect attended to a location in Winnipeg and was observed to pick up what appeared to be a large quantity of drugs.

The suspect then returned towards the city of Brandon and shortly after midnight a traffic stop was initiated approximately 10 kilometers east of Brandon on the Trans-Canada Highway.  The male suspect was taken into custody and arrested without incident. The subsequent search of his vehicle revealed 4 Kilograms of Meth and a small amount of cash. OCS members seized the accused’s vehicle as a conveyance of the drugs as part of this investigation.

Meth is commonly purchased at the gram level, and the street value of the Meth seized by the Brandon Police Service is approximately $200,000.00.

Brayden Lindsay 26 years of age of Brandon had been charged with Possession for the Purpose of trafficking Methamphetamine and Possession of Proceeds of Crime. The suspect was held in custody pending a Bail hearing and the matter is before the courts.