Mothers Day


There's nothing quite like the excitement your kids have when they're about to give you the special gifts they've created with their sticky little kid hands. 

Their little chests puffed out with pride, bubbling over with excitement to show you what they made. And there's nothing more heartwarming than to read the words they've written. It's the best. The kind of love that puts a lump in your throat. 

When my oldest handed me his thoughtfully made gift, his first disclaimer was that the picture he drew on the front of my Mother's Day card wasn't actually me. 

It was his grade 2 teacher. 

It was a great drawing. He went on to explain how it ended up looking a lot more like his grade 2 teacher, so not to be surprised when I saw Mrs. Pike on the front of my card.  

The inside cover was things about me, his mom. 

The line I enjoyed most from the first page was the part about "My mom looks pretty when……..

His answer?

"It's 5:00pm."

How I become "pretty" at the magicalhour of 5pm is a bit of a puzzler to me, but as far as I can figure, it likely has a strong correlation with supper time. 

He's hungry. 

I feed him. 

Food source = beautiful. 

The drawing inside the card on the 2nd page is one of our favorite things to do. We jump on the trampoline together. 

He says its way more fun when I'm on there with him. One day I asked him why. 

"Because you're super heavy mom."

This is what he said to me. 

Not to be mean, it wasn't intended that way at all. It's how it is. 

It's just that the amount of extra mass I add by jumping on the trampoline with him, makes it so much more fun.

And the last line on the 2nd page of the card?

"I love my mom because she bought me a dog."

This was quite a surprise to me, possibly even more so than trying to figure out what makes me so pretty to him at 5pm……or who the woman on the front of my Mother's Day card was.  

We don't have a dog. 

I will cherish these little gifts, as any parent does, made with a little imagination and a lot of love. 

Dog or no dog. 

Yours truly, Caley