Multiple Arrests for Domestic Assault in Brandon


A 29-year-old female from Brandon was arrested for Domestic Assault, in one of two incidents of domestic assault, as reported by Brandon City Police on Tuesday. According to police, the suspect punched the boyfriend in the face, and kicked him in the groin, sometime on Sunday evening. She was arrested at 8:33 pm on Monday evening, and is scheduled to appear in court sometime in February.

In a second incident officers arrested a man for Domestic Assault and Breach of Recognizance following the report of an assault at a residence in the 1000 Block of 7th St in Brandon on Monday night.. The suspect, a 21 year old male, had left the scene by time the police arrived however they were able to track him down a short time later that evening. No injuries were reported as a result of the assault and the suspect was to appear in court Tuesday morning.