Munn to assist dogs in need


Local real estate agent Zach Munn has decided to build insulated dog houses for families/charities in need (non profit).

Munn has become all too aware that many dogs suffer, and even die, due to inadequate shelter during extreme MB weather.

Currently Zach Munn has been asked to build 11 dog houses and some cat houses. He is seeking assistance from anyone in the construction field who could donate plywood sheets, fir or cedar board, 2×4 or 2×2 studs, shingles, or insulation board that they don’t need and could donate after a job. Zack said he would pick up any donated materials. These units will cost $75-$100, plus the heated water bowls are $35.  If anyone can help with costs and/or sponsor a dog house, or help with materials please contact Zach via his email address.

Precision Toyota and others have already stepped up in assistance.