We've been to the neighbours again. Upon arriving home yesterday after school, before baseball, the oldest promptly approached the nice neighbor man's wife and asked where her husband was. He needed to talk to him. 

Man stuff. 

She indicated he was away at work but would let him know as soon as he was home that he was needed next door. 

He fixes our bikes. 
Every 2nd day. 

I wasn't aware that there was a pending repair. Need to know basis. 

However since Grandpa Gary was at our place later, he fixed it before the neighbor got home. He's done a fair bit of bike fixing here too. 

I don't do mechanical anything. At all. Ever. Not for lack of trying. 
I suck at it. For reals. 

Then we went and stirred up the bees in the nice neighbor man's backyard, climbed his trees, took pictures of all the pretty flowers, and got free rhubarb which the ravenously hungry little children immediately started eating. 

And I've been instructed by the bigger one to bake pie with the remainder of it. 

Within seconds of returning back to our own yard, the "neighbor recruiting kid" ramped his bike so well on his self-constructed ramp that he blew the back tire and also 1 hip. 

Back to the drawing board. 

Nothing like having great neighbours. We'll see them tomorrow about that tire……

Yours truly, Caley