NetSet Shows Off Their New Office


Tami – Rae Clements reflects back to when their business had just 5 people in 2001. Today NetSet Communications boasts almost 120 staff and contractors.

Over the past 10 days the staff and mgmt. of NetSet have moved basically down the road to their new state of the art building. "If I work late at night I feel very safe because all the locks have a swipe card" said Clements.

One cool feature of working at NetSet is they have a room for children to come and watch movies in or play on an Ipad. When schools have an in-service day parents that are working for NetSet can bring their child and as well be supervised. The children are not allowed to bother their parents while working and the supervisor of the room will contract the parent should the child need something or an emergency happened. Tami says this is a selling feature when trying to recruit new staff.

Right now NetSet features staff from over 7 different countries and it will be growing on a monthly basis. Also a big thumbs up to The City of Brandon said Clements who do an amazing job when showing people around the city when they are deciding if they will or won’t come to Brandon.

Congrats to Charlie & Laurel Clark on their new building and being one of the larger employers in Brandon and Western Manitoba.

NetSet is currently in the market for several staff and interested staff and contractors should contact them on their website.


NETSET shows off their new office

NETSET shows off their new office