New Casino in the Areas Future?

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Pure speculation but one has to wonder if a new casino in the areas future. Recently Tolko Industries in The Pas announced that they were closing their kraft paper mill operations and now the Aseneskak Casino, also in The Pas, said that they may need to relocate their casino citing less than a quarter of the casino's gaming machines and tables are currently being used. They have indicated that they would be looking at the possibility of locating the casino closer to Winnipeg. Which leads us to Sioux Valley. They are currently in the process of opening a Petro Canada full service store and gas bar in September at the junction of the TransCanada Highway No. 1 and the Eva McKay Memorial Highway. Their web site lists plans to further develop the land to include a restaurant, motor hotel, commercial space, a new gaming centre, and an outdoor stage and entertainment facility. Future proposed plans also include a multiplex arena and golf course among other items. In regards to the gaming centre would Sioux Valley look at relocating their existing gaming centre or would they perhaps try to reel in a bigger fish and lobby the Asenekak Casino to move their 172 machines and numerous table games to this new development? Sioux Valley may not be in the immediate Winnipeg vicinity however their proposed development is along a major highway and closer to a larger city (Brandon) each providing more traffic and visibility than some other casinos in the province.