New Leaf No-Longer Offering Service to Phoenix-Mesa, Among Others


NewLeaf Airlines has hit turbulence again. This time, they have taken to Facebook to write a "Dear John" letter and break up with Canadian snowbirds.

In the letter addressed to Canadians the company President/CEO, Jim Young, states that they are backing out of the promised routes to Mesa, Arizona and Melbourne/Orlando, Florida. They simply can't do it. He cites, 3rd party, outside influences (AKA another big Canadian airline who also flies blue tail colours) as the reason.

To quote his letter directly, "When an airline in Canada found out that NewLeaf was servicing Phoenix-Mesa they too decided to follow our schedule. Within hours, of NewLeaf’s announcement this airline had also lowered its fares and offered service to an airport it had previously ignored for over a decade.

We are very sorry Alberta, but we cannot offer service to Phoenix-Mesa this year. This is a classic case of the big guy squishing the little guy so that the big guy can profit more."

In a nutshell, it's a classic breakup letter…. blah blah blah something has come between us. Sorry we can't be together on vacation. I still love you. Hope we can still be friends.

Read the letter for yourself

And, as within any unfortunate break-up, expect backlash. There will be name calling, hurt feelings, gossip. Other angry ex-customers will come out of the woodwork. Customers will turn to the comfort of other airlines for their hot vacation needs and NewLeaf memories will become just another page in a scrapbook.