New local business to help you market and sell your property


Ryan and Nycolle Adams felt that the marketplace could use a new and unique way to promote and market your home.   Therefore they started a new local company called Vi Media.

By looking at your product I think that I have an idea what it is but maybe you could give us a brief idea exactly what it does.

  • I use a special camera that captures high resolution 360-degree scans. The scans are processed and meshed to create the final product, a 3D virtual tour. Tours are enhanced using several techniques, the most common being custom tags. The tags are strategically placed within a tour, using text, photos, videos, and links to enhance the experience of a space.

From a cost perspective what will those cost realtors to use or people selling privately 

  • For residential properties, 3D virtual tours start as low as $199. The price is dependent on the square footage and tour features. Although tours are commonly used in real estate, they are also a great fit for marketing hospitality, retail shops, showrooms, service industries and venues. In addition, tours are used for documentation purposes such as content inventory, asset management and restoration.

In the short time period of being in business what kind of response or feedback have you received.

  • The response has been great! The one thing I’ve noticed is clients are excited and proud to showcase their space. Clients know their space inside and out, but the tour provides them a unique opportunity to see it from a digital bird’s eye view.

Are you prepared to go outside of Brandon with this?

  • Absolutely! I’m always open to opportunities that present themselves.

How did this concept come about was it due to COVID 19 or were the wheels in motion before?

  • The technology has been around for some time, but COVID has emphasized the need and use cases for the technology across all industries for various purposes.
Vi Media can be found on both Instagram and Facebook using @vimedia2022