New Revenue Source


I have zero issues in “taking one for the team” so to be speak with new website concepts.

A year ago I stumbled on and wondered “how on earth could I make a few bucks with this site.”

Well it is very simple actually.

The website provides two concepts:

# 1 – rent a house, room, or condo when you are traveling
# 2 – you can rent your house, room, or condo out

Personally, I have done both options and have had zero problems. Actually, when I rented a condo in Seoul Korea it went amazing well. I was totally shocked to find the place I rented, for $90 a night, was in the heart of Seoul. In Prague earlier this year we rented a floor, yes a floor of a castle. The cost was only $122 USD a night and included both a cleaning services and a car driver.

Click on and you can see Brandon has about 15 – 20 properties for rent most of the time. I have rented a room our in my house about 6 times this year already and some people have booked for 2 nights, and one guy stayed for a month.

If you have some spare room, or you are going away on holidays, you might be surprised how much money you can make renting out a spare room. Once again I have been fortunate that all the people that have booked have not been weird or losers etc. Most travels seeking a room are professional people looking for something different than what a hotel can offer.

Darryl Wolski

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