Not your average gym


Frederickson Performance Centre located at 1212 – 18th Street has recently gone through an ownership change as the original owners Jim and Jill Frederickson have sold off their gym and Lulu Lemon franchise to Tyler Sanjenko.

BDNMB.CA was afforded the opportunity to speak with several FPC clients who have experienced life altering changes to their lives while training and working out at FPC.

BDNMB – Tyler, any thoughts to changing the name now?
Tyler – “For now going forward we plan on keeping the name, not saying I am against it in the future, but we have built a strong culture and the name is a strong brand/reputation behind it.”

BDNMB – I must ask does Goodlife concern you at all?
Tyler – “I try to give it no energy…our business models are totally different.  We focus on personal training, clothing sales, and athletic therapy.”

BDNMB – Explain your arrangement with Lulu Lemon.
Tyler – “We are not able to directly advertise or market that we carry a full clothing line. We definitely have had our most success through word of mouth and referral business”

BDNMB – First impressions are key to most businesses and it’s safe to say that you have that covered.
Tyler – “Yes, we feel customers are always #1 and our staff is always keeping everything clean and giving our customers that great first impression.”

BDNMB – Any changes coming up?
Tyler – “Some small changes to lighting etc. and I am excited about our new website.”

BDNMB – Talk about the costs of personal training and what about if someone wants to come and try the gym for a day.
Tyler – “Personal training is a part of your lifestyle and will cost a person about $45.00 per training session, if you buy 20 sessions.  And yes, for sure if you want to come down we will give you a free day pass.”

A couple of recent success stories at FPC include Garry and Kristie Hamm who have lost an amazing 200 pounds between the couple.  They used to stay home and order food in and now find FPC part of their lives.

Kristie explain to our readers the journey of coming to FPC.  “I was at several gyms and for whatever reason I had no success.”  “I felt that Tyler expected more out of me and I had to get serious about this.”

“Also FPC is a positive community that I find important.”

Do you feel Kristie that your life is totally changed?  “Yes, without a doubt every aspect of my life has been changed.”

Garry Hamm has seen huge changes in his wife not only physically but mentally as well.  “She is way more confident, and will go out with the girls and shop for clothes.” Of note Garry is a champion 5 pin bowling champion.

Another FPC client that has a huge transformation is Garry Raine, a former prosecutor.  Garry has lost an incredible 120 pounds and has even reversed his diabetes that he was diagnosed with in his early 40’s.  “My wife motivated me to do this, but my notions of a gym were young and in shape guys flexing in the mirror.”  Any words of wisdom for people considering coming to a gym, and/or FPC?  “Get on a treadmill, walk, be consistent, and don’t kill yourself going to hard.”

Thank you to Tyler and his clients for the time they spent with BDNMB.CA today.

Inside FPC.
New owner, Tyler Sanjenko.
Lulu Lemon staff.
Garry and Kristie Hamm
Garry Raine