Oakland-Wawanesa Fire Department receives funding from Westoba Inspire for Medical Response Unit


The Oakland-Wawanesa Fire Department is thrilled to receive $2500.00 from the Westoba Credit Union Inspire Program to support a Medical First Response Unit at the Oakland-
Wawanesa Fire Hall.

This Medical First Response Unit project was started as a critical need to address the loss of medical services in the area.

“We have taken on this role as with cut back we have lost the local ambulance that has served our community and surrounding area,” said Oakland-Wawanesa Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Dennis Gullett.

“The community and area are 30 + minutes away from an EMS station which has severe impacts on patient outcomes; the first response station allows us to provide needed medical assistance to sick residence and visitors to our community and surrounding area.” said Gullet.

The funding from Westoba Inspire is part of Westoba’s 60th anniversary celebration. Westoba Branch Manager for Killarney and Cartwright, Heather Heinrichs said she is proud to contribute to such a beneficial need.

“Having a Medical First Response Unit is crucial in an area that no longer has a local ambulance, said Heinrichs. “Helping to fund this project means so much to all of us at Westoba as residents of this area.” The Fire Department is currently in the process of licensing and hopes to have the project fully equipped and operational by fall 2023.