Olde English Fish N’ Chips Makes Debut at Brandon’s Food Truck Warz


The much-anticipated annual Brandon’s Food Truck Warz is set to take place this year from September 13-15, and food enthusiasts are in for a treat as Olde English Fish N’ Chips joins the event for the first time. Known for their authentic British cuisine, Olde English Fish N’ Chips is sure to add a unique flavor to the festival, drawing both new and returning attendees with their traditional offerings.

Olde English Fish N’ Chips has built a solid reputation for serving up classic British fish and chips. Their food truck, a mobile homage to the iconic British chippy, offers a menu that boasts perfectly battered fish and golden crispy chips. Their commitment to authenticity is evident in their use of traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients, ensuring every bite is a taste of Britain.

The appearance of Olde English Fish N’ Chips at Food Truck Warz has been met with considerable excitement. The event, which features a diverse array of food trucks, is a celebration of culinary creativity and community spirit. Food Truck Warz has become a staple in Brandon’s event calendar, attracting food lovers from all over Manitoba.

“We are thrilled to welcome Olde English Fish N’ Chips to our lineup this year,” said event co-organizer Jody Sass. “Their dedication to authenticity and quality adds a new dimension to the festival, and we know our attendees will love their food.”

The addition of Olde English Fish N’ Chips to Brandon’s Food Truck Warz marks a significant milestone for the event, showcasing the growing diversity and quality of food trucks participating. As the festival continues to evolve, the presence of unique vendors like Olde English Fish N’ Chips ensures it remains a must-visit for food aficionados.

Food Truck Warz is an annual event held on the grounds at the Keystone Centre. Now, in it’s 7th season, the event also features the Select Shows Midway.