One More Fortunate Son Born Out of the Winnipeg Music Scene

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When he`s not keeping time for The New Meanies or The Travellin`Band, he helps bands keep busy in the Winnipeg music scene. Jason Kane has not only managed to make this key segue in his music career, he`s developed his agency into a full-fledged career. Travellin` Band is one of the better CCR Tribute bands you`ll ever witness and they`re playing this Friday night (December 9th) at The 40. Playing in bands has been Kane’s night time gig for over 25 years. He’s also been enjoying his day job as an Entertainment Agent for Radius Entertainment, an agency he created and has operated since its inception.

Travelling Band for the most part is his creation as well. Like any talent agent worth his salt, Kane figures you need to have likeable and talented acts that can be booked in a variety of markets for a variety of reasons. Mass appeal is essential for any musical unit that wants to stay active.

In this edition of 20 questions we ask Jason about the bands he’s played in over the years, how to start an agency and what the most important elements are to making a living in the Entertainment Industry.

First off, thanks a bunch for doing this Jason!  It’s a huge privilege to chat with someone who has had a career in music as long as you have. I appreciate the opportunity. Let’s start at the beginning.

1. When did you decide that you were going to be a drummer?
I started playing when I lost internet in piano and singing lessons at age 12.

2. What was the band you first played in?
The band was called bent Outta Shape from Charleswood in Wpg

3. Where was your first gig?
The Pakwest Motor Hotel in Winnipeg.

4. How many bands have you been in?  Can you list them here for us.
Bnt outta shape
The Shrill
Blue Meanies
Travellin Band
Red Ram

5. For working musicians to stay active and support themselves financially by doing what they love, it’s common to play in a multitude of bands. Have you ever been in more than one band at any point in your career?
Not really, they have all been in different time frames

6. You were in the New Meanies for many years. The Meanies recorded and toured and were on the cusp of making it. Can you give us a brief Cole’s notes overview of how it all transpired?
On our first trip to Toronto we hooked up with an agent who asked us to hang in T.O for a showcase. Within 6 months of that we had signed touring, management, recording and distribution contracts.

Note: The New Meanies are still playing roughly 3 to 4 shows a year and will performing at the Pyramid Cabaret Dec 23rd.

7. It’s hard to believe that was all around 20 years ago! I recall opening up for you guys at Suds on the B.U. campus with my band The Attic just after you guys had wrapped up a tour with Deep Purple. I must take this opportunity to give a shout out to my band mates Mike and Rob! I remember chatting briefly with you guys about your tour with Deep Purple just before we played that night. That tour must have been an amazing experience! What were some of the highlights for you?
We did a run with Deep Purple through numerous House of Blues venues. The shows were sold out and it was a thrill to be on those shows and meet a band that was always a favorite of mine, a surreal experience.

8. When did you decide to branch out and start an agency?
I started in 2002.

9. How many bands do you have on your roster at Radius?
My roster so to speak is always changing as this business does. I have a large library of acts that I work with some exclusive, some not.

10. Are you always on the hunt for new acts?
I do enjoy seeing new acts and developing new relationships, for sure.

11. What are the main advantages for bands having an agent and management as opposed to be self-managed?
The internal business aspects of bands is different for everyone, some acts enjoy being in control of their own destiny, others aren’t as motivated in that way. Having a third party working for you can help by fast tracking you to the right venues and pricing to get deals done faster.

12. For any bands out there looking to get more bookings, what are the most important aspects that agents are looking for?
I think ultimately agents are looking for acts that have long term goals, and are easy to work on personal level, As well technically proficient like having a solid frontman that interacts with the crowd and good stage presence.

13. Is it easier to book a cover band, a tribute band or an all originals band?
It wouldnt be one or the other, both have challenges and bonuses

14. What was the biggest event that you ever booked an act for?
I have booked a few larger scale events involving Trooper, Glass Tiger, Kentucky Headhunters.

15. You’ve been doing the Travelling Band tribute show for many years. How long has this act been active?
The original act was formed in 2001

16. What sets Travelling Band apart from all the other CCR tribute acts out there?
I think because its an act that covers a broad range of music styles and genres. From Country to Blues to Rock to R & B and has upbeat tempos and great guitar playing.

17. Do you perform three sets throughout an evening or is it a different format?
We've done everything from 1 concert style show up to 5 sets in a night.

18. Ultimate Classic Rock recently created a list of CCR’s top 10 songs which are as follows:
1. Fortunate Son
2. Born on the Bayou
3. Proud Mary
4. Who’ll Stop The Rain
5. Bad Moon Rising
6. Looking Out My Back Door
7. Green River
8. Down on the Corner
9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
10. Up Around The Ben

How many songs on this list does Travelling Band play and are any of your favorites on there?
We play all of these. Have you ever seen the rain is my personal fave.

19. Are there any there any deeper CCR cuts that you guys play?
Put a Candle in the Window 
ut a spell on you
Hey tonite

20. What CCR selections usually get the best response?
Bad Moon
Hey Tonite

*** Catch Travellin` Band this Friday night (December 9th) at the 40. Advance tickets are available at the front desk of the trails west inn. Or reserve yours by calling 727-3800.