Operation Brain Freeze rewarding youngsters with cool treats

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Operation Brain Freeze is a program that rewards children and youth for acts of kindness or for following safety guidelines and regulations. The program is being held for the first time in Brandon from June 15, 2022 until September 5, 2022 through the partnership of Heritage Co-op Ltd, Western Nations Gas Bar and Brandon Police Service.

Throughout the summer, children and youth in Brandon may receive a coupon for a free ice cream from the new Western Nations Gas Bar on 18 th street N. or a free Big Cool shush from any of the Brandon Heritage Co-op gas bar locations. In order for youth to qualify for a coupon, members of Brandon Police Service must catch a young person in the act of being kind or playing safe.

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“We are glad to work with the Brandon Police Service on this community building effort. We hope for a safe and fun summer for everyone, especially the kids in our communities,” says Co-op General Manager Dennis Laing.

“This will be a very fun program for our officers to be a part of,” adds Chief of Police Wayne Balcaen. “Recognizing and rewarding positive actions of youth isn’t something our officers normally get the opportunity to do. We hope that this small gesture will help build on the youth’s confidence and sense of community.”

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The Operation Brain Freeze Program is intended to recognize young people who are contributing to our community in small but meaningful ways. They could be obeying the rules of the road on their bikes, wearing a helmet, picking up garbage, or sharing playground equipment with others.

Chief Ledoux of Gambler First Nation and the employees of the new Western Nations Gas Bar are excited to see a program that benefits Brandon youngsters with fun rewards and cool treats throughout the summer.

Officers will be out this summer looking for opportunities to reward the youngsters with a cool treat, so go outside and get caught being nice or playing safe!

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