PAC members at Brandon University jointly pledge $50,000 in BU50 fundraising drive


BRANDON – Members of Brandon University’s administration have embraced a call to give back with a combined pledge of $50,000 to the BU50 staff and faculty fundraising appeal.

As BU celebrates the 50th anniversary of receiving its charter as a university, as it continues a remarkable five-year streak of growth, and as it embarks with a new Campus Master Plan on a transformative downtown expansion, now is an ideal time for donors to make a difference by contributing to BU through the Brandon University Foundation.

To help mark this pivotal moment in BU’s history, members of the President’s Administrative Council pulled together to pledge a total of $50,000 to the BU Foundation for its current appeal. The President’s Administrative Council, or PAC, is an 18-member group made up of senior-level administrators, including Deans and Directors, who meet every two weeks to consider matters of importance to BU and to advise the President on suggested courses of action.

“I am humbled by this show of dedication and love for our university, and I am proud to be one of the faculty and staff contributing to this appeal,” said Interim President Dr. Steve Robinson. “I find it truly remarkable how individual contributions can so quickly add up to such a significant amount.”

Support from PAC includes donations as well as pledges to give through automatic payroll deduction. Many members who had already been giving are now increasing their amounts.

The $50,000 will help support many of the worthy causes identified through this year’s Annual Fund appeal. These include options to fund scholarships, to support particular Faculties or the Library, to invest in university priorities like Indigenization or research and innovation, and to advance new initiatives like the Campus Master Plan and Brandon College Heritage Fund. Many donors choose to direct their gifts to the area of greatest need.

All faculty and staff have been invited to contribute to this year’s fundraising appeal — much of which will go to directly support students, research and equipment, areas that are close to the hearts of all members of the BU community.

“Charitable giving is its own reward,” said BU Development Officer Shawna English. “Still, there is something special about being able to personally see the difference that your donation can make, whether that is through a scholarship, a student travel fund, equipment, or a research grant. These are the kinds of immediate and meaningful supports that your gifts make possible.”

Alumni and friends of the university have also embraced this opportunity to fuel the next phase of Brandon University’s success. Early numbers from the Annual Fund appeal show it on track to set a new fundraising record this year.

“Everyone with a connection to Brandon University knows what a valuable and lasting impact it continues to have on people and on our community,” said Dr. Bill Myers, President of the BU Foundation. “I would like to personally thank everyone who chooses to pay that impact forward by helping BU flourish for the future, through donations to the BU Foundation.”

As well as serving as BU Foundation President, Dr. Myers is a BU Associate of ’68. That class year, the first from the newly-chartered Brandon University, will be celebrating their 50-year reunion at the next Homecoming, scheduled for Oct. 12–14, 2018. It will be the culmination of a year’s worth of BU50 commemoration.

“This year, Brandon University is celebrating a milestone achievement, and as we look ahead to the next 50 years we strive to honour our past by providing a strong foundation for our bright future,” Dr. Robinson said. “Our students, our researchers and our entire community deserve the best we can give them. I’m so proud, and so grateful, to those who choose to give to the Brandon University Foundation, and I encourage everyone to make it a part of their giving this year. With your help, the coming generations will look back with pride and with gratitude on the work we have done together to build this outstanding academic institution.”

Donating to the Brandon University Foundation is easy. You can donate online at, call 204-727-7374 or visit the BU Foundation office in Clark Hall. Donations to the BU Foundation can also be arranged through BU payroll deduction. Donations received before the end of the year are eligible for a 2017 tax receipt.