Parkland Teen Requires Your Assistance


Her name is Emma Peterson and she is an 18 year old country singer/songwriter from beautiful Winnipegosis, Manitoba. She began her musical journey when she was just 11 years old after she had purchased her first guitar. Emma had always loved singing and when she bought that first guitar is when she started taking singing seriously. She began to practice guitar every single day after school for hours and was determined to be successful. It was at that point in her young life when she started songwriting. Songwriting for Emma became an outlet to process her day to day emotions, help her make sense of what was going on in her head, and put it into music. As music is something everyone can relate to, she believes it helps people process their feelings, or even just generally help us have a good time.

It has been 7 years since Emma picked up that first guitar and now she is very close to taking a big leap forward in her musical career. She is currently in CMT’s Chevy Tailgate Contest, a contest to find Canada's Next Country Music Star. Thanks to everyone who voted for her online in June, and at Dauphin’s Countryfest in July, Emma is now one of four finalists from Western Canada and is the only finalist from Manitoba. In this final round she will now face competitors from the three other Western Canadian provinces who are representing country music festivals in their respective provinces. This contest is about writing/performing original music and Emma's musical submission can be viewed here.

The final prize is a trip to Nashville and includes $10,000 in studio time. Her dream ever since she started to play guitar was to be able to have her voice and music heard. Emma hopes to be able to represent Manitoba in a big way if she wins this contest. So this is where you come in as she needs your help. Voting for the finals in this contest runs from August 29th – September 10th. Tell your friends, family members, neighbors and whoever else to vote! Go to EVERYDAY from August 29 – September 10th and vote for Emma Peterson! Vote as often as you can.  Voting is unlimited.

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