Perceptions of Crime and the Services Provided by the Brandon Police Service


The Brandon Police Service have now made public the results of a 2016 survey, seeking feedback from the residents of Brandon, regarding their perceptions of crime and the services provided by the police service. In total 518 residents elected to respond to the survey titled “the Community Engagement Survey”. Twenty-one questions were asked in total.

When asked how safe people feel for either themselves or family in Brandon, over 75% of those who responded said they felt safe, or very safe. Based on feedback, many people felt downtown to be the most unsafe area of the city. Reasons provided included gang activity, poor lighting at night, and being approached by intoxicated persons and panhandlers.


The survey also highlighted how about 40% of those surveyed feel less safety for their property than they did five years ago. According to the report “property safety was a concern in all areas of the city.” A vast majority (93%) reported being satisfied/very satisfied with the Brandon Police Service overall.

As a result of the survey the “results have highlighted a need for BPS to continue its efforts to promote safety in the downtown area in partnership with other City of Brandon departments. People have also asked for the BPS expand on their crime prevention efforts and to find a way to make this information to the public.

The entire survey can be found here.