Plan B and Public Sleeps


Well I reached a new level of actually I don't know what but if "public sleeping" is a level, I passed.

My name's Caley.
I'm a public sleeper.

That wasn't the plan when we left the house. We went to Monster Truck Mayhem tonight, briefly, rubber boots on, hats and ear plugs, and garbage bags because those are also for raincoats. If you didn't know.

Apparently the monster truck Mayhemers are into speed and air time but NOT floods and lightening .
Show cancelled.

1 of us was crying.

So we went to the movie theatre. To see The Secret Life of Pets. Wearing rubber boots and shorts. And hats.

This is where the public sleeping happened.

It was me.

I did that.

It was right after I ate a whole bag of cotton candy. You know the one that's the size of a "throw cushion" that you always wanted when you were a little kid but your parents wouldn't let you have it.
I had that.

Then I had a sleep.

Hence, level "public sleeper" reached.

Leaving, entering daylight, I noticed I had cotton candy melted into the front of my black jacket.
Bright pink and blue sugary crystals encrusted into the front of my jacket. I don't even remember that part.

What happened?

Where am I?

I  thought you should know.