Plastic Food Containers No Longer Accepted in Brandon Recycling Stream


Your City of Brandon Sanitation Section would like to make you aware that due to recent changes in the global recycling marketplace, #1 Plastic food containers are NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED in Brandon’s recycling stream. These are the plastic clamshell (hinged) containers most often used to package grocery store greens/fresh produce or pre-made meal items.

As the Saskatchewan-based company that markets Brandon’s recyclables will no longer accept #1 Plastic food containers from its customers and there is no capacity at the City of Brandon’s Materials Recovery Facility to stockpile this plastic product, we are asking all residents to immediately stop placing them in their blue-lidded recycling carts and to place them as garbage in their black-lidded refuse carts ONLY until further notice. (PLEASE NOTE: This change in programming does not apply to #1 Plastic beverage containers – these are still an accepted material within the City of Brandon’s recycling diversion program!)

While these clamshell products remain available for purchase in the local economy, we are encouraging consumers to consider the changing recycling landscape before making their purchases, or to find different ways of re-using this purchased plastic to keep it out of the refuse stream. Management and staff with the City of Brandon Sanitation Section thank all residents in advance for their cooperation as it responds to changes in the global recycling marketplace.

More information about the City of Brandon’s recycling diversion program can be found at

(Submitted:City of Brandon)