Pokemon Invades Brandon

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Right from the start I am a Pokemon idiot …. No clue no concept on this game or any other video game. My buddy Willy plays Railway Conductor 12 hours a day and it baffles me.

How this all started was I noticed a bunch of cars late at night parked at the Discovery Centre so I called Brandon Police Service and the woman says “oh I bet they are playing Pokemon” …. Once again baffled.

Pokemon Facts

1 – Tinder is one of the worlds most used APP’s …. Pokemon in the last 7 days has blown them out of the water with almost double the numbers that Tinder would normally have.

2 – Local Best Buy can not keep enough external batteries on their shelves because people need more battery power for their phones when they use their GPS.

3 – FBI and CIA are loving this because they can trace criminals better when they play the game ( yup sounds crazy I know ). FBI officials say they can track their steps legally now.

4 – Local Vancouver Hells Angel clubhouse was a surprise Pokemon Go Gym stop ( not sure what that means ).

5 – Nintendo shares increased 115% in the last week.

So today I went to Discovery Centre to see what the hype is all about.

BDNMB – Explain to me how many hours will you spend on this?
Mike – 4 hours today ….. I work during the day so I do this at night.

BDNMB – Is this addictive?
Lisa Van De Kercouve – yes for sure the Pokemon jump out and it is great and you are out and about.

BDNMB – have you done something like this before?
Brianna Dyck – I enjoy this very much and my friends at school love this.

BDNMB – are you worried about data charges?
Rebecca Porteous – when I first heard about it I was against it but all my friends were on it and everyone is really enjoying it.

BDNMB – is this a flash n the pan?
Rebeeca Porteous-It will taper off for sure when you end up capturing a super rare Pokemon then you will be Elite.

BDNMB – Pokemon idiot whats an Elite Pokemon?
Mike – rare spawn that you have that your friends won’t have.

BDNMB – when did you start this Pokemon thing?
Chris Tataryn – since I was 10 years old and have been playing the game for a week and I go for an hour walk each day.

BDNMB – interesting to see kids walking around and they are out and about.
Chris – some people will hate it because they hate new things….. Sure its a stupid video game but at least people are out.

BDNMB – people are doing something other than being trapped in front of their phones and screens at home.
Chris – for sure its fun and I have been a fan my entire life its entertaining and a reason to go outside.

BDNMB – this is what you expected?
Jarred Murray – the game is getting better but I am enjoying it.

BDNMB – how much time do you spend at it?
Jarred – 4 hours at a time at night with friends

BDNMB – have you met people?
Jarred – I have had lots of interactions.

BDNMB – do your friends Facebook and text about this?
Kylie – its amongst our friends so we plan to go out and do and we communicate and lots of fun.

BDNMB – do you feel like you are more social?
Kylie – I get out more with friends that's really nice.

Audio Interview

Bottom line is perhaps people will get out of their homes and actually meet people face to face and that is a huge positive in my opinion.

Darryl for BDNMB.CA