Police: Twenty adult males arrested for Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration


Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

On July 26 & 27, 2019, the Brandon Police Service – Organized Crime Section, together with the Winnipeg Police Service – Counter Exploitation Unit conducted project Beckon.

The Counter Exploitation Unit is part of the Winnipeg Police Service’s Specialized Investigation Division. Part of the unit’s focus is the safety and wellbeing of those involved in sex trade, whether directly or indirectly and to conduct proactive enforcement on those who choose to exploit the vulnerable for sexual services.

Focused on Brandon, Project Beckon’s goal was to target the demand side of sexual exploitation and safety of those who are exploited.

The results of Project Beckon are:

  • 20 males arrested and charged with Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration under the Criminal Code. They range in age from 22 to 82-years-old.
  • 15 vehicles seized under the Manitoba Highway Traffic act.

All 20 individuals have been released on a Promise to Appear.

Sexual Exploitation is not bound by jurisdictions. Victims do not choose this lifestyle or the harm inflicted upon them as a result. Those vulnerable to sexual exploitation are transient.

Further results of this joint force operation are that investigators can focus on building safer, long-term strategies while balancing the needs of everyone involved.

Signs victims are being exploited include: being escorted and/or watched, not speaking on their own behalf, limited knowledge of area/city they are in, and signs of depression or fear.

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